Why Dr. Sarah?

Dr Sarah Farrant has become the ‘tell it like it is’, no fluff, mentor to moms. She is the founder and CEO of Vital Moms and is dedicated to plucking moms from the Rx merry-go-round and giving them a new way to approach their own and their children’s health. Today, she supports, mentors, and educates thousands of parents globally.

In the last four years Dr Sarah has:

  • Reached Amazon #1 Best Seller List
  • Won Non-Fiction Writer Of The Year
  • Created The Vital Health Tour – live education to support parents
  • Launched Vital Moms the #1 Place For Smart Health Choices For Your Family!

If you don’t read anything more about me

at least read this:

  • I have found gaps in the health industry after spending 25+ years in it.
  • I believe that everybody has a right to health choice.
  • I chose to tell it like it is and that is not what everyone wants to hear.
  • I have two bachelor degrees, one post graduate diploma and one doctor of chiropractic.
  • I home birthed my three children the last of which was a breech birth
  • I had no ultrasounds, physical examinations, blood tests or internals despite my age
  • I laugh every day with our children
  • I have never given our children medication
  • I home educate our children
  • I do not have a family GP / MD
  • Inside our “medicine cabinet” are toilet rolls.
  • I turned an ugly situation into an evolutionary way to look at health
  • I travel the world speaking and sharing the vital moms health message
  • I have an award winning and global selling book called The Vital Truth®
  • I established vital moms for moms to access from any place, anywhere and at any time
  • I was an elite athlete with the Australian Rowing team (It’s true but there is absolutely no reason you need to know that).
  • I love to quote Einstein “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”
  • I believe the best time to change the way you approach your own and your child’s health is right now!

Here’s why I established Vital Moms:

Picture this…it’s July 2010. In walks our nanny telling me our children are sick, have temperatures and that I had to do something about it. She was forcing on me over the counter remedies to take whatever she thought the kids had away. In fact our kids didn’t have anything, not even a temperature (so much for a trained nurse knowing how to take a temperature!), which of course she said they had. Cut too…she called CYFs (equivalent of child services in other countries) and within an hour we had a phone call from them. It took 3 months to close the “case” during which Vital Moms was launched. You can read the full story here.

I had to make a choice right there right then in that moment when she said “I have no alternative but to call CYFs on you.” My choice was to either “live small” and be afraid of speaking my truth, or find a way to reach moms who also wanted to approach their family’s health differently and say “Hey! I’m here come be a part of what I am putting together”. So that’s what I did. I knew I had to do something, I knew there must be heaps (that’s “lots”) of parents who think differently about health and are looking for a supportive community with first class information and education. I want people to know there are other ways to approach health!

CYFs and necessity pushed me to take action.

Other things you should know about me:

  • I was labeled the “dunce” at school and went from dyslexic to doctor
  • I have an award winning and global selling book called The Vital Truth®
  • I launched my business from my 4 x 5 meter study on an island of less than 7500 people.

How did I do it? Well when the nanny called child services I began to get these new insights into how people see health. I saw what I know call The Health Illusion as plain as day. I also recognized in the face of anything challenging people revert to what is familiar. So I wanted the Vital Moms vitalistic approach to health to be so familiar to parents that they would default to its understanding to keep themselves and their children safe and healthy. Fast forward a year and I began seeing what I was doing was gaining momentum and building a movement…a vitalistic health movement.

What happened next was the most humbling yet beautiful gift I have received since beginning Vital Moms.

I remember crying in my bedroom, ready to give up as I became more and more frustrated with how to hold a parents hand and educate them on new ways of looking at health. I remember telling myself this was “too hard.” I arrived home one afternoon having been at the beach surfing with my children and was reminded that this situation with the nanny was created for a reason, it didn’t happen to me, I wasn’t unlucky that day. But rather I am the captain of my ship and the master of my destiny. I had input into that situation for a reason – a vital reason. I realized there and then that I had the responsibility of educating parents about health…truthfully in a “tell it like it is” fashion. It was up to me to stand up, dust off the “poor me” and grab the bull by the horns and set about doing just that travelling, speaking, educating and providing fabulous content to keep families healthy and safe.

In that moment I DECIDED it wasn’t about me and started focusing on who I wanted to help.

So I turned my nanny “mess into my message” and I quickly built Vital Moms. As I was building a funny thing happened: Other parents wanted to know how I sit so comfortably in this vital moms health message! And they wanted to pay me to have me teach them.

The goal was simple: to help moms and parents adjust to a new way of looking at health and to hold that new understanding in the face of a health challenge. Refusing to shy away from confrontation or “play by the rules” I quickly earned a reputation for being a “tell it like it is” health professional breaking the many illusions people have about health and where it comes from.

Rather than try to be something I thought people might want, I was committed to being myself: fun, ground breaking and evolutionary, with a massive amount of parental love thrown in!

On my first Vital Health Tour we had sold-out venues. I taught 800+ parents-to-be, parents and grandparents the secrets to stepping off the Rx merry-go-round and start being part of a different way to look at health.

Vital Moms now offers a multitude of resources for parents designed to help families make smart health choices and create the health life they want. Beyond the education, my next big goal is to help give back to those in need.

I remember reading on a microcredit website that women who have the opportunity to create their own business pay more attention to the health of their children. As a result of reading this Vital Moms has in its future planning to provide an opportunity for women to take loans, develop a business and provide a different health opportunity for their children. I know that if we educate the parents, especially the moms, we get to have an impact on future generations and the world.

Walking In The Same Shoes…

Growing up the daughter of a financial planner I spent my early childhood watching things grow! I remember watching, in awe, my father give live presentations. I would sit in the front row mesmerized by his passion for truth and dedication to having people see other ways to look at financial planning when at the time no one was. He was an evolutionary thought leader in finance; a gentleman who bought and sold businesses across a variety of industries. Funny, I now see myself doing the same thing…only it is in health. I’m committed to helping parents see the connection between their health choice and the state of their health.

Why do this? It’s simple: To make a difference in a parent’s life and the life of a child.