The 10 Biggest Health Care Lies Moms Ought to Know!

What prompted me to write this article was a conversation I had with a mother about what health is and what it is not. This lead me to looking at what the 10 biggest health care lies are that people are told and have brought into without question. I also feel as a result of the conversation that it is time to stop calling mainstream health “health” because there’s not one thing within mainstream health that is based on health! Personally I have not used the medical system for well over 23 years. I birthed all my children at home, last was a breech birth, have never given nor do I offer medications to my children, do not vaccinate, have no family medical doctor, do not take medications myself and as such have no medicine cupboard at home.  So… where does that place me and I imagine you?

What part of ‘mainstream health’ do you and I belong too?

The short answer is none! The truth is the health system that is currently seen to be mainstream does not espouse a health message… you have to be ‘sick’ to enter it. It’s a ‘system’ based on a narrow, rigid, ignorant and profitable understanding of the body and its supposed incapability’s. It’s practiced by those who profit and is strongly defended from anyone (individual with a powerful voice) or anything (organisation) coming close to toppling it in some way. The lies told at the top filter down without question.

What are the lies that people are told?

Lie #1 Drugs will ‘give you health’

Oh my, this is incongruent in and of itself isn’t it? Drugs do not make you healthy despite the clever advertising; PR pushes and engineered marketing messages.  Pharmaceuticals do not prevent disease. Health is expressed by choice NOT chance. You are not lucky to have good health you created it, you didn’t “get” it from somewhere. Expressing health is the result of you choosing to do so not because a drug gave it to you. When you decide to take your health into your hands your life changes; you become empowered to make the decisions for yourself and your children. Health is expressed through your nerve system, the master communicating system of the body. A nerve system with clear communication can better heal itself.

Lie #2 Only medical doctors are the experts in health

I prefer to say they are specialists in ‘sickness and disease’. You must be sick to enter the system. Within a medical program there is very little (if any at all) education on wellness and prevention or nutrition let alone time spent on the nerve system – the master communicating system of the body – and its role in health. Expecting a medical person to navigate health with you is like asking the car mechanic to service your computer!  They are just not well versed in it.  There are however health professionals that have spent time at University or Colleges to learn about health, the human body and its expression. Chiropractors are health professionals who have spent years and years studying the nerve system from a health perspective rather than a diseased perspective. Understanding your relationship with your nerve system will assist you with placing your health back in your hands!

Lie #3 To prevent we need to screen

This is a subtle and yet powerful lie, they will screen you for ‘x’ whilst perpetuating the lie that they are preventing at worst and solving at best for example breast cancer. Odd. Millions of dollars are donated every day, week, month and year and has been for decades. And yet they are no closer to solving the cancer puzzle. Why? Doesn’t that make you think what kind of research is being done? Screening isn’t preventing these diseases because that would be saving your life. There is no money in that. In fact, virtually all the popular screening practices are done to promote diseases. Raise the veil and lift the illusion that these are in place to protect you, they aren’t. Prevention is about you taking action, reading, educating yourself on your body, lifestyle and food and your nerve systems relationship to ALL that! Remember in any area of your life where you feel disempowered somebody (individual or organisation) will overpower you.

Lie #4 Health insurance will keep you healthy

People who have health insurance have more done to them. Period.  There is less protection when you have health insurance and more so when people have private health insurance. It perpetuates the subtle mechanistic motto of ‘let’s keep you sick’. The only health insurance you have is to educate yourself on your body, the nerve systems role in your health expression, understand how toxins in your environment and food contribute to diminished health, acknowledge that what you think about you bring about and get moving! I choose to be healthy, by choice NOT BY chance. A contract with a health insurance company will NOT give you health nor give you life… only YOU can make the change to express health differently and choose to live a different life!

Lie #5 Vaccines make you healthy

The lie here is a simple one – your body is incapable of creating immunity! The marketing and the fear mongering around this simple and yet profound lie has emerged as one of the greatest falsehoods in western culture. The under current is this… in order for you to be guarded against ‘diseases carried by others’ which is a false statement in and of itself (see Lie #9) you need something from the outside to protect you. Their answer is vaccinations. There are three ways to look at immunity – 1) as vaccinating parent 2) as an anti-vaccination parent 3) a parent who is pro-health. I personally have chosen the latter. If you would like assistance with switching how you look at health and vaccines go to Vital Moms and read the vaccination report! It will be an eye opener.

Lie #6 Bad luck

Bad luck and chance play a big role in mainstream health and thus how health is educated to people. The mainstream health care system wants you to believe that on that day you simply had bad luck. As such the only way to get good luck back into your life is by their pre-determined and “proven” interventions! Warning: once you enter you virtually have no role to play in your health or healing. The disappearance of your health on that day happened because of bad luck and chance.  Your health becomes managed by their drugs, their screening, their surgeries and their interventions. Look out.

Lie #7 Disease is the result of bad genes

See lie # 6 for the response to this one well. The lie states that disease is spontaneous and will strike at anytime, without warning; it will just happen. Scientists take apart the genes one by one to perpetuate this lie. People are now being told that it is not your fault … it’s your genes! Bad genes equals … not your fault equals … drug for that. A classic example is the gene that has more recently been found for obesity. Some researchers estimate as many as 80 per cent – have inherited genes that predispose them to storing fat. Have you noticed that more and more people are being ‘classified’ as obese? The bench mark has been moved to create a problem (genes) of which the drug companies swoon in to solve (new drug) because seriously apparently it’s not your fault. This is a fabricated lie. Lifestyle choices create these challenges. If you chose freakish foods – processed and laced with colourings, preservatives, flavours and additives than expect to change your chemical makeup resulting in a toxic nerve system, an inability to express health and increased adipose tissue! You are the only one to change with way you express your health.

Let’s face it… disease always has a cause and the cause usually has to do with 1) a nerve system that has road blocks in its communication with every cell, organ and tissue in the body, 2) nutritional deficiencies, 3) exposure to toxic chemicals and 4) sedentary lifestyle. Clear the road blocks, eat well and get moving so you express health differently!

Lie #8 Go to hospital they really are places of health and healing

Here is my response to this BIG LIE … if you go in get out FAST!   These are far from nurturing places of health and healing. With iatrogenic death (death by the system itself) the leading cause of death in many western world countries my suggestion is to think twice about entering. Surgeries that are mistakenly performed also contribute to the demise of hospital health and healing. Emergency areas/rooms serve a purpose for horrendous accidents and injuries however for everyday challenges as well as acute, chronic and degenerative health challenges I certainly advocate and choose to look elsewhere. Health challenges can be changed by choosing to educate yourself about your nerve system; your internal super highway of communication between your brain and body (cells, tissues, organs and systems) and back again. Your nerve system is the master communicating system for the whole of your body.  Choose to become educated on the role it plays, make an appointment with a chiropractor. Chiropractors are the go-to people who specifically work with the nerve system and your innate capabilities to express health. When you do I KNOW you’ll choose to do health differently.

Lie #9) Mainstream health is ‘up to date’

It is certainly not modern! When there’s a mechanistic system that is perpetuating for example the germ theory, which is really OUT DATED, than there’s a problem. The lie enlarges so much so that people begin to believe it. Looking down the barrel of a microscope with specifically activated ‘belief filters’ will enable a person/company to find the results they’re looking for. People have moved on from the world being flat to being round! Isn’t it time to lay to rest that germs are bad, are everywhere and need to be gotten rid of?  However, to do so would mean shutting down industries from the cleaning businesses to the product businesses to the manufacturers. You can see how this could have a devastating effect on economic contribution. So … it’s easier to perpetuate the lie that makes money than it is too speak the truth. This is NOT advanced and modern medicine.

Lie #10 Give us money to find those ‘cures’

Here is the answer to the lie that a cure needs to be found. Answer: there never will be one. There is no vested interest from any company in the mechanistic approach to health to finding a cure. However, there is a vested interest in shaping the advertising and conversations that have you believe there is a cure around the corner therefore tugging on your heart strings which then sees you donate. Lie, lie and lie again! This lie has been repeated for example since the 1960s, when cancer scientists claimed they were only a few years away from curing cancer. Today, four decades later, can you think of a single major disease that western medicine has cured? There aren’t any! Why … because the only person that can cure you is you. Incurable means curable from within.  People make money from sick people, uneducated people, people who don’t want to take responsibility for their health. In doing so people get tugged into the profitable vortex where lifelong addictions to medications are pushed to manage the sickness that happened to them on that unlucky day.

Time to wake up …

I’m sure you are well aware that there are more than 10 lies being told to the public. Depending on your level of knowledge will depend on which lies you buy into – some, a few, all or none. The ones I share here are the ones I feel are most relevant to your health decisions right now. By knowing about these lies you begin taking charge of your own and your child’s health! Staying healthy isn’t as difficult as you’ve been told, might think or lead to believe. All the insurance, screenings and drugs in the world ain’t going to keep you healthy. In fact the opposite is true. ‘Buying in’ perpetuates your sickness path.

When you take responsibility for your health, when you acknowledge that EVERYTHING that has taken place in your life was because of the choices you made at that time you begin to express a different attitude to health. As your attitude changes you engage with new people, different people, whose ideas about health are different to yours. You begin to set a different course for yourself and your children. Your old thoughts about health and where it comes from begin to dissolve. New thoughts are established that embrace your nerve system, your physical, chemical and your emotional body. You acknowledge that life is not happening to you that you indeed are the creator of everything that has taken place and everything that will take place going forward. Your world awakens to what is possible, your relationships transform and you begin to be IN LIFE!

The path to expressing health and staying healthy requires you to make informed, intelligent decisions about your lifestyle. Being aware of the symbiotic relationship between your physical, chemical and emotional self and your nerve system will be a most beneficial place to start. Once you acknowledge this relationship you’ll find you’re no longer a victim to a system that doesn’t serve health.

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