Vital Products

Products and Solutions for Parents Who Want To Change Their Children’s Health…And Their Own!

Dr Sarah is known as the “tell it like it is”, no fluffy, mentor to moms. She has created a number of products and solutions to support PARENTS who are looking to change the way they approach their children’s health and their own. Thousands of parents, just like you, have used these products to instigate their health changes gaining valuable confidence and keeping their children healthy along the way. To learn more and get started now, follow the buttons below each product. Or, click here for a chart to help you decide which product is right for you. If you’d like to hear Dr Sarah explain the differences, click for an 8 minute audio.


The Health Illusion: Is It Killing You?

When you buy into health being about ‘FEElings’ there is a ‘fee’ that comes with it; a price you pay. The fee is not only the price for the plethora of medications you end up on; it’s your life. The way you approach health now is more than likely the same way it was taught to you followed diligently, without question because that is the way it has always been done. By chasing the pain-free, symptom-free and dis-ease free appraoch to health you shall by the very virtue of your actions diminish your health. If everyone is defining health and solving it in one particular way with results that are subpar, isn’t it time to ask: what if I did something different?


Vital Truth

The Vital Truth®: Accessing the Possibilities of Unlimited Health.

A 192 page award winning and global selling book, packed with information you may not have considered that will help to improve your health. Designed to kick start your new health journey, this is for people who cannot wait to look at their own and their family’s health differently. Discover incredible breakthroughs from one of the most influential thought leaders on wellness. Dr Farrant’s controversial book is impacting the lives of 1000’s of health consumers around the world as they tune into a new understanding of health and where it comes from.


102 Daily Inspirations

102 Daily Inspirations gives you a daily health and life reminder to improve your health and vitality and keep you focused. A stand up flip top quote book, perfect for your kitchen table, desk or a well walked area in your home or office. Ask an introspective question to call forth your most dynamic self – all you have to do is open a page and see what is revealed! If you’re a health professional not to worry – 102 Daily Inspirations is also perfect for the health professional’s reception or welcome area.


Inspirational Messages From Within

Changing your health requires getting “back to the basics.” This inspirational DVD full of quotes and images will inform and educate as you begin seeing health in a different way. The DVD can be played onto a TV, a computer and as a screen saver. Sometimes it’s not what you do that instigates the change but what you see and read. The DVD’s simple and clear vitalistic message will inspire you to new levels of awareness and gratitude for health and healing. A health shift first begins in the mind and these high quality images and messages will assist you to do just that.


Vital Moms Reports

Are you looking for alternate ways to resolve a specific health concern? Yes? These Vital Moms reports are written to educate and inform on topics that concern you as an individual and/or as a parent. They provide you with the Vital Moms perspective on health and are specific reports on specific topics. Reports are based on the concerns of vital moms e.g. health choice, over the counter medications, depression etc. and are added throughout the year. These are fabulous if you are after a different and in depth understanding of a particular health concern.


Vital Moms Membership

This is for you if you are ready for a fast start to reworking the way you approach your family’s health and wellness. You are ready to get off the Rx merry-go-round, that so many people are on, and explore safer and healthier options for yourself and your family! You’re willing to get back into the driver’s seat of your family’s health. You want access to ALL the vitalistic and alternate information about how to handle the health concerns your family may face through the years. There are also specific health alerts, virtual open office hours with Dr Sarah, private online resource library, community conversations, interviews and more.