Vital Health Reports

Are you looking for alternate ways to resolve a specific health concern? Yes? These Vital Moms reports are written to educate and inform on topics that concern you as an individual and/or as a parent. They provide you with the Vital Moms perspective on health and are specific reports on specific topics. Reports are based on the concerns of vital moms e.g. health choice, over the counter medications, depression etc. and are added throughout the year. These are fabulous if you are after a different and in depth understanding of a particular health concern.

Vaccination: Do I or Don’t I?



Do I or Don’t I? A decision every parent must make for themselves. Sometimes one parent can make it easily and another parent may take some time. Making an informed decision is hard when you’re not given all the facts. There are actually three ways to view the “Vaccination: Do I or Don’t I?” decision however most only see two – for or against. Do you know what the third way is? This 56 page report will open an untapped door for you to explore this emotional decision. Vital Moms has joined forces with Mr Neil Z Miller a medical journalist with over 25 years experience in interpreting the vaccination research. You wont be disappointed. For the first time a vaccination report that simply makes sense.

The Truth About Health Choice

Health Choices

When choosing a health approach for yourself and your kids, do you know all the choices available? This report lays out in depth the understanding of the different health choices we have available to us. Most people only ever see one way to approach their health and it is usually the approach that was taught to them by their mother or father, a preacher, a teacher, or the media. But in fact there are many. When you see the choices and the differences between them you will then have the power to then choose what you want for yourself and your children.

Vital Vocabulary

Vital Vocab

Have you ever stopped to think about the words you are using to explain health? Are you giving a conflicting message to yourself, your children or your clients if you’re a health professional? The words you use to convey health have a lot to do with how you were taught health. Most of the time however we don’t stop to question the words we are using. If you are choosing to raise your family in a different approach to health wouldn’t it make sense to use a different language too? If you are a parent or a health professional looking for greater congruency in how you convey health then this report is for you. This report includes a vocabulary list and a step by step plan to begin making the changes in the words you are using. It also includes a discussion on Sarah’s well known coined phrase “Health Expression”.