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‘Raw Milk Fake Milk’

My sister and I used to walk to school, and as a treat to ourselves on the walk home we would visit the Clydesdale horse stables which were almost on the corner of Malvern Road and Glenferrie Road in Melbourne. It was a large stable with blue cobble stones



7 Ways to Support a Well-functioning Immune System

Winter: time to rejuvenate.

What? Usually people are encouraged to ‘deaden’ themselves in winter! We’re told to get flu shots and raised to trust in over-the-counter medications, yet this means the cold, cough and flu hang around for longer than needed.



To Sneeze, Blow or Plug your Nose

When you look at the body as an intelligent being you’ll see there are many patterns as to why people create opportunities to grow. For example, when growing up I was told to wear shoes and rug up when going outside in the cold or I would likely ‘catch’ a cold. As a little girl



Kids Concussion … ‘what happened?’

Of all things that can happen to your child, a serious fall can be one of the most unnerving for you as a parent. It can be very distressing to see your child hurt — or hear what’s happened after the event — and it’s easy to think you might have been able to prevent



Vital Moms Top 10 Traditions With Kids!

Traditions are, for many of us, the things that mark the seasons of our life. For some, the traditions are an anchor to their family line and something to be cherished and passed on. However, there’s is a fine line between traditions and indoctrinated systems. If you’ve followed me for some time, you know I



Words matter. Are you speaking the right words to communicate HEALTH to yourself and your child?

It’s long been said that words are powerful, able to build up or cut down an idea in a heartbeat. Everything we create begins with a thought that is then communicated through words, actions or an image. With our health, it is valuable to consider that what we speak is what we create. So what



Health: what are you teaching your children ?

Would you like to be healthier in the next 12 months? I’m hedging my bets you said ‘yes!’ However, do you have a plan to get there? We’re all good at wanting to write goals, but do you achieve them? For the majority of people, goals become a distant dream as frustration sets in and we see only missed milestones….



Breast milk… ‘FOOD’ tailored to your child

Most mothers understand that breastfeeding is a natural, healthy choice for their child. Some mothers have no difficulty getting into the rhythm of breastfeeding, while others encounter challenges and may consider formula as an option. However, I know some mothers have told me that if they better understood the incredible array of advantages of breastfeeding, they would have persisted through the initial difficulties.
Of course, sometimes it’s just not working. I’m one of those mothers where breastfeeding did not come naturally to me although it is a natural …



“Ear infections…glue ear….grommets…or wisdom?

When your little one is in pain with a recurring ear infection, your natural instinct is to find the quickest solution that seems to be effective.One option the medical profession offers is to have grommets inserted in your child’s ears. Grommets are little PVC rings, or tubes, inserted into the eardrum to allow the pressure to decrease in the middle ear, air to enter, and the fluid to drain out. Sounds sensible, and as a bonus you are told you won’t need to worry about developmental challenges from the temporary deafness that some believe ear infections can cause.



Big Pharma or Self-sufficient?

Life’s getting more convenient every year and statistics about increased life expectancy and ‘stamping out disease’ are proudly quoted. But is it really getting ‘better’ because of the pharmaceutical industry?Today, as parents, we have incredible choice in the way we support our children’s growth. Combine that with our built-in desire to shield our children from pain or inconvenience, and the enormous marketing campaigns of the pharmaceutical companies, and it’s very easy to grab the ‘quick fix’ when our child seems to
be showing signs of dis-ease.



Mummy Overwhelm

No matter how you look at it, being a mum changes your life. And what an amazing thing it is to care for another human being as they grow from infant to toddler, through childhood and the teenage years, and then to get to know them as an adult.Yet for a growing number of mums, the pressure of raising their children “just right” can be fought with anxiety and overwhelm: what should they eat? What should they watch? What about their environment both at home and at school? And should they even be at school? Should I teach them at home? What about the clothes they wear and the games they play? What about health and science and religion? Aargh!



Why Lice Make Their Home In Your Child’s Hair!

“How can I get rid of lice… it is so annoying!” I bet my bottom dollar that as a parent or a health professional you have asked or been asked this question… many times. It’s the same question asked by parents in different countries around the world- Australia, NZ, Africa, UK, Europe, Asia, USA and so forth. Do these critters “jump” their way to other countries, do we transport them with international travel or is there something else to these unique critters that could actually take the guess work out of understanding why they show up to your child’s head and not someone else’s?



5 Ways to Double Your Health and Vitality

Let me ask you a question:”What controls everything in your body?”Hopefully, you answered the brain – that amazing computer in your skull that is made up of hundreds of billions of nerve cells. Every second of every day, your brain is sending and receiving thousands of messages in order to control and co-ordinate every organ, tissue, cell and muscle in your body.


I’m Doing This For The Rest Of My Life…Will You?

I was told as a young tacker to eat my veggies because they were good for me; I did and still do. I was told to exercise because it was good for me and I still do that too. I ate and still eat my fruit because I was told it was good for me. I was also told to just “chill” on occasion which I did and still do because someone told me it would be good for me. At the core of my actions was and is a strong intuitive knowing that these things are indeed good for me.


You Don’t Medicate Your Children…Really?

For years I thought health was about how you felt. I would, as a child, be taken to someone to get something to take something away. Interestingly, however I was also taught by my father at the age of seven that I had all the answers inside of me all I had to do was ask the question and trust my answer. These were two very conflicting ways of not only looking at my health but life as well!


The Truth About Santa

Parents around the world are asked every year if Santa is real. What do you say? I remember when I was young my parents didn’t have to do anything. I was woken by my sister and dragged to the hall way to sit with her and watch our parents march the Santa gifts to the lounge room, including that year my new bike.



The Significance of the “Wibbly” Tooth!

I’ve been guest blogging lately for a couple of sites and I’ve found myself speaking about teeth a lot hence the prompt to write down our Vital Moms thoughts on teeth in a health alert. I have been mostly writing about a child’s transition from their physical body to their chemical body at around the age of 7 and the changes that take place in their world as a result.


The 10 Biggest Health Care Lies Moms Ought to Know!

What prompted me to write this article was a conversation I had with a mother about what health is and what it is not. This lead me to looking at what the 10 biggest health care lies are that people are told and have brought into without question. I also feel as a result of the conversation that it is time to stop calling mainstream health “health” because there’s not one thing within mainstream health that is based on health! Personally I have not used the medical system for well over 23 years.


The Lethal Routine

Whilst I was a student, many decades ago know, I had a wonderful teacher who encouraged me to do my routine differently…for a day. He encouraged me to do this in an effort to not only use both sides of my body but in an attempt to stop taking what I do for granted and appreciate the body I have chosen to live in. So I set about doing a few things he suggested of which I quickly come to realize how automatic my life was, striving to be the most efficient I could be quick to get things down without thought or pause.


Turning A Mess Into A Message

For years, in fact decade’s people and professions have been targeted with a clear intent to shut them down. This was seen years ago in the well documented and famous Wilk’s case where five chiropractors took on the AMA and won1. Up until 1974, the AMA had a Committee on quackery which targeted and challenged what it considered to be unscientific forms of healing. This then moved to Quackbusters and Quackwatch which made fallacious attacks by mainstream medicine on honest alternative and alternate approaches to health. In each case the people won. The alternative and alternate approaches are gaining, not losing, ground in public acceptance despite the best efforts of organisations to shut them down.


Is Life Like The Truman Show? The “Normalising Gaze”

I was first introduced to the normalising gaze when I was very young, I just didn’t know it. As I progressed through life I continued to be unaware that it existed… until now. I was on a tram recently in Melbourne, Australia, my home town. As I sat I noticed a community newspaper close by, so I picked it up and started to comb through the pages. I immediately grabbed my small pad and pen from my handbag and wrote down this powerful quote.


Yuck… Wash Your Hands!

I was prompted to write this after a Face Book discussion on germs. I thought it futile to comment in the thread as there just wasn’t enough space! Most were alluding to germs being nasty, disgusting and need to be gotten rid of. It’s understandable that parents wish to keep their children’s environments clean. A mother’s day at any given time could be made up with boiling bottles in hot water, cleaning pacifiers that fall on the ground, washing their children’s hands, wiping down supermarket trolleys and purchasing yet more antibacterial soap. Is this all necessary? After all it is still called a germ theory!


The Bully or The Bullied What I Taught My Children

I have had people of late either emailing me or private messaging me on our Vital Moms Facebook page about bullying. All correspondence had an underlying theme of “what do I do to support my child.” Interestingly we recently had two bullying situations created which has prompted me to share with you how we handled the circumstances. I imagine we handled it differently to most, at least in the discussion, as to why bullies show up in your life or your child’s life in the first place. I have chosen one of the circumstances to illustrate how we handled the conversation and situation.


I’m Ready To Approach Health Differently But Where Do I Start?

Making the move to anything “new” is challenging. Whether it is a new country, a house, a belief, parenting for the first time or a way of approaching health, there are inherent challenges that lay within making those moves, however now is the time to make the move. Why? Because one person dies every twenty-four minutes in the USA alone from drugs the majority of which do not start out as addictive but turn out that way. This year more American’s for example will die from drug overdoses than from any other type of accident – including car accidents. And don’t be fooled that it is not happening in your country if you live somewhere else. In most cases those deaths are a result of what is stored in the home medicine cabinet. Here are some stats to enlighten the situation…


What Our Child’s Behaviour Teaches Us About Ourself!

Have you ever found yourself wondering where the child you once knew went? One day your child can make a decision and the next day they won’t. Or one day they can tell you what they want for breakfast and the next day they can’t? Have you ever wondered why this behaviour suddenly came about? Perhaps you’re putting it down to growing and maturing in some way. What if I said there could be a missing link within your family dynamic that might be being over looked… would you want to dig in a little deeper to investigate? Yes?


“Teach Your Child To Read The Ingredients!”

At times I feel like a giant ogre with my kids as I harp on about food and making wise choices. I am sure as a parent you have felt this at times too. I unapologetically say “No!” in front of people now if I feel the food offered is not appropriate. I’m no longer concerned what other parents may think of my song and dance about what our kids can and cannot have. I make sure our kids go to places with food so something is available for them if they decide within themselves to make a wise choice not to eat what is offered to them. They know we eat organic food and that we approach health differently to the majority of their friends. They too are comfortable with saying to people “no thank you.”

As I was registering our boys for this year’s Rugby season I was under no illusion that companies are happy to sponsor kids activities – Kellogs, Nestle etc – and provide “snacks” when they go to register. What I didn’t expect to see in the goodie bag was…


A Fence or An Ambulance?

Our Vital Moms readers, who have been enjoying my guest blogging during December, will be familiar with this month’s Vital Health Alert. This poem I first read back in 1998 and it has stuck with me. My memory of it was triggered the other day when having a conversation with a mum who was chasing symptoms rather than looking at the cause of the health expression she had created. It is a great reminder that there ARE SIMPLE STEPS as PARENTS we CAN TAKE to make sure our own health and the health of our kids is consistently expressed at its best, whatever “best is”. If you are a health professional this poem would be ideal for you to finish an in house presentation with. If not, print and place in your reception area for people to learn more about how they are choosing to look at health.


“Are You In A Rush To Get Your Health Back?”

Every process we go through requires time. Whether it is the aging process, the birth of a child, job promotions, graduating, or learning new skills like walking, talking or riding a bike. Reaching new milestones and new levels in understanding takes time. I imagine we all agree with this so much so that we place a value on it. For instance, time is money and medals, every second counts, there’s no time to waste, if we don’t go now we won’t have time, if its not there in 30 minutes it’s free! People even get impatient in the drive-through for the “fast food”. Most people want instant gratification and immediate results, just like the instant microwave dinner that is “cooked” in one minute.

So many things take time. Cooking a turkey at Christmas takes three or four hours, pregnancy takes nine months and career achievements take time. Yet when it comes to our bodies we seem to be a lot less tolerant of…


“Birth Dystocia What You Need To Know!”

When you’re pregnant you get a whole lot of unsolicited information pouring your way, right? When I was towards the end of my pregnancy with my eldest I found myself listening to a lady in the aisle of our local Hy-Vee supermarket in the USA, rambling on to me about pain, discomfort and drugs. Her last comment to me as she paid for her groceries was when it all slows down honey… take the drugs! I thought to myself why is it people feel compelled to share their birth story, good or bad, with you when you are pregnant? I decided that day in the Hy-Vee checkout aisle to surround myself with white light, nod politely and say to myself ‘that’s your journey not mine’. As I see it, everybody’s journey is different – experiences, birth option, thought processes, trauma, fear, structural integrity and nerve system disturbance amongst many other factors.

It’s the nerve disturbance and fear I want to focus on in this article. I have found over the decades of listening to the stories and my own experience that there is a common thread regardless of the place of birth, type of birth, country of birth, or birth team attendees and it’s this…


“The Sun… Are You Tired Of Being Told How Bad It Is?”

SunAs summer is fast approaching here in the southern hemisphere I thought it would be a great opportunity to write about sunscreens. It’s certainly a great time to evaluate what’s in the tube BEFORE you put it on! Did you know the Cancer Council of Australia in 1980 launched a very successful health campaign? I remember as a child watching “Sid” the seagull, adorned with board shorts, t-shirt and a hat, tap across the TV screen singing a catchy jingle Slip Slop Slap reminding parents and kids to be careful of the nasty sun and skin cancer.


“Nature, Birth, Butterflies & Babies”

Dr. Sarah FarrantA man watched a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. He watched intently and noticed the butterfly struggling with the process. The man thought: I should help the creature birth. Taking a pair of scissors, he cut through the chrysalis in the hope that it would help the butterfly to drop out of its home and into the physical world. The butterfly did just that. It dropped out easily but with compromise. The butterfly had a withered body and shriveled wings. He watched and watched and thought to himself that at any moment the butterfly would fly. He was waiting with anticipation for the event to happen, for the body to become firmer and the wings to spread and carry the butterfly away into the ether. The butterfly did neither. Instead it just lay there. It spent the rest of its life crawling around with its withered body and shriveled wings.


“I had to have a Caesarian. Why? Because I …..”

Dr. Sarah FarrantC-section rates are sky-rocketing and so too are the reasons people are being told to have a caesarean which is major abdominal surgery. I have heard everything from: ‘Your pelvis is too small’, or ‘too twisted’; ‘the baby is small and won’t have the strength to birth vaginally’; ‘the size of your foot is only a 6 that indicates a small pelvis so a C-section would be best for you’; ‘you had a C-section last time so another C-section would be the safest option for your uterus as it won’t be strong enough to withstand a vaginal birth’; ‘a C-section will have less complications’ and ‘you’re too old to birth naturally…’ This last reason is intriguing as it is often used as…