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At Vital Mom’s you’ll find resources, articles, and pertinent information to support you in the health decisions you make for yourself and your children.

Vital Moms offers you two different ways to gain information.

1) FREE LEVEL gives you access to what you see here on the website including:

Vital Alerts

These monthly health alerts are about a specific topic but give the all important and unique Vital Moms health twist! To receive the alerts place your details in the box to the top right. As a gift for registering we will zoom straight to your inbox your own complimentary 5 day e-course titled “5 Powerful steps on how to take charge of your child’s health and be confident with the decisions you make” So please make sure you whitelist so you don’t miss any of the latest information! Look out for these each month in your inbox!

Vital Products

Vital Moms has created a number of products and solutions to support individuals and parents who are looking to change the way they approach their children’s health and their own. Thousands of people, just like you, have used these products to instigate their health changes gaining valuable confidence and keeping themselves and their children healthy along the way! To find out about our unique and award winning products go to the resource menu bar, a drop down menu will appear and then click on Vital Products where you will then be directed to the page.

Vital Reports

Are you looking for alternate ways to resolve a specific health concern? Yes? These Vital Moms reports are written to educate and inform on topics that concern you as an individual and/or as a parent. They provide you with the Vital Moms perspective on health and are specific reports on specific topics.


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Take your pick… there is so much to offer at Vital Moms the #1 place for smart health choices for your family.

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