Im Ready To Approach Health Differently But Where Do I Start?

Making the move to anything “new” is challenging. Whether it is a new country, a house, a belief, parenting for the first time or a way of approaching health, there are inherent challenges that lay within making those moves. But now is the time to make the move. Why? Because one person dies every twenty-four minutes in the USA alone from drugs the majority of which do not start out as addictive but turn out that way. This year more American’s for example will die from drug overdoses than from any other type of accident – including car accidents. And if you live in another country don’t be fooled that it is not happening in your country too. In most cases those deaths are a result of what is stored in the home medicine cabinet. Here are some stats to sober the situation.

  • 61… the average number of deaths from pharmaceutical drug deaths per day according to the CDC
  • 12 million people 12 or over have used prescription drugs non medically
  • Everyday 2,500 teenagers will use a prescription drug to get high for the first time.
  • 12 to 17 year olds abuse prescription drugs more than they abuse ecstasy, crack/cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.
  • 90% rise in poisonings from 1999-2008 many due to prescription drugs
  • Just as many children per day abuse prescription drugs as there are abusers of marijuana.

Currently there is a state of dilemma when it comes to health and not just for the 12 – 17 yr old age group either. People are living longer and yet they are sicker. It is not uncommon now for an elderly person to be on five or more medications in their later years; drugged and deadened to their senses and thus their world. I ask you is that what you want your life to look like or better yet the life of your child? I lay my life on it that you’re not wanting or wishing for that. People of western industrialized countries are now living 10 years longer than what people did in the 1960’s and yet we are a more drug addicted population reliant on outside means to make us supposedly “healthy.”   The medicinal, mechanistic, allopathic health world you live in has led you away from all things natural such as your innate intelligence, plant nourishment, organic food, herbs and oils.  You are bombarded daily with advertisements from TV, radio, print media amongst others that will supposedly cure you. What a grim image.


If medicine gives you health shouldn’t the people taking the most

medicines be the healthiest people?

Umm… so really there is no time like the present to get back into the driver’s seat of your health and your child’s health and look for new ways to approach health! I image you want to open up your world and see how health can have a different expression and be a very different experience,  however you may be wondering where to start and you maybe over whelmed. Moving away from what is familiar to a place where it can look starkly different can raise your uncertainty about undertaking such a new step. To assist you with the uncertainty I have provided for you three helpful ways to at the very least give you some momentum.

1) Read as much as you can on the viagra innate intelligence of the human body. A great place to start of course is my book The Vital Truth which you can download here This will assist with building your confidence as you read the stories from people who decided to do something different in the face of a health challenge.

2) Register for the complimentary vital moms e-course 5 Powerful Steps on How to Take Charge of Your Child’s Health & Be Confident With The Decisions You Make! We have just finished loading it into the website! It is packed with easy to understand information to assist with opening your world, instilling confidence and creating the first steps to seeing health differently.

3) To make the transition smoother I educate parents on what I call scissoring.  It is a term I coined to describe the movement that will begin when you decide that taking the step to look at health differently is indeed what you want to do. I couple it with a well known theory called Kaizen (see chapter 22 of The Vital Truth). When combined – scissoring + Kaizen – you have a powerful and proven strategy for how to begin making the move.  For those of you familiar with my book The Vital Truth you will know of Kaizen, for those of you newer to me Kaizen maybe something quite foreign.

Let me explain a little more about Kaizen. Kaizen originated in Japan in the 1950’s, actually more specifically the automotive industry in Japan with Toyota still using the philosophy today to manufacture cars and build it’s company. It is interpreted as continuous improvement and is seen as a way of life philosophy. Proponents of Kaizen accept that change is imminent in our life and every aspect of it deserves to be continually improved. Kaizen espouses simple, specific, gradual and continuous change. In acknowledging that small, gradual and continual steps are beneficial in sustaining change, you can move forward to look at how to integrate the changes you wish to see in your health and indeed your life.

At vital moms we understand that you may not be ready nor might you be at the same level of confidence when it comes to making decisions for yourself and your child as other moms and that’s okay. That is one of the reasons why the Vital Moms club was established, to assist you with making the moves and empowering you with choice – allopathic, alternative and alternate.

I believe your innate intelligence, our vital moms philosophy, regular adjustments, nerve system integrity and tuning into the wisdom of your own body (physically, chemically and emotionally) can assist you to resolve the many health challenges you create.

You however have to be prepared to start!


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