Mummy Overwhelm

No matter how you look at it, being a mum changes your life. And what an amazing thing it is to care for another human being as they grow from infant to toddler, through childhood and the teenage years, and then to get to know them as an adult. Yet for a growing number of […]

Why Lice Make Their Home In Your Child’s Hair!

“How can I get rid of lice… it is so annoying!” I bet my bottom dollar that as a parent or a health professional you have asked or been asked this question… many times. It’s the same question asked by parents in different countries around the world – Australia, NZ, Africa, UK, Europe, Asia, USA […]

5 Ways to Double Your Health and Vitality

Let me ask you a question: “What controls everything in your body?” Hopefully, you answered the brain – that amazing computer in your skull that is made up of hundreds of billions of nerve cells. Every second of every day, your brain is sending and receiving thousands of messages in order to control and co-ordinate […]

You Don’t Medicate Your Children…Really?

For years I thought health was about how you felt. I would, as a child, be taken to someone to get something to take something away. Interestingly, however I was also taught by my father at the age of seven that I had all the answers inside of me all I had to do was […]

The Truth About Santa

Parents around the world are asked every year if Santa is real. What do you say? I remember when I was young my parents didn’t have to do anything. I was woken by my sister and dragged to the hall way to sit with her and watch our parents march the Santa gifts to the […]

The Significance of the “Wibbly” Tooth!

I’ve been guest blogging lately for a couple of sites and I’ve found myself speaking about teeth a lot hence the prompt to write down our Vital Moms thoughts on teeth in a health alert.  I have been mostly writing about a child’s transition from their physical body to their chemical body at around the […]

The Lethal Routine

Whilst I was a student, many decades ago know, I had a wonderful teacher who encouraged me to do my routine differently…for a day. He encouraged me to do this in an effort to not only use both sides of my body but in an attempt to stop taking what I do for granted and […]

Turning A Mess Into A Message

For years, in fact decade’s people and professions have been targeted with a clear intent to shut them down. This was seen years ago in the well documented and famous Wilk’s case where five chiropractors took on the AMA and won1.  Up until 1974, the AMA had a Committee on quackery which targeted and challenged […]