‘Raw Milk Fake Milk’

My sister and I used to walk to school, and as a treat to ourselves on the walk home we would visit the Clydesdale horse stables which were almost on the corner of Malvern Road and Glenferrie Road in Melbourne. It was a large stable with blue cobble stones and we’d feed the horses white […]

7 Ways to Support a Well-functioning Immune System

Winter: time to rejuvenate. What? Usually people are encouraged to ‘deaden’ themselves in winter! We’re told to get flu shots and raised to trust in over-the-counter medications, yet this means the cold, cough and flu hang around for longer than needed. So, yes, rejuvenate. How? Go within. Create the opportunity for the body to grow […]

To Sneeze, Blow or Plug your Nose

When you look at the body as an intelligent being you’ll see there are many patterns as to why people create opportunities to grow. For example, when growing up I was told to wear shoes and rug up when going outside in the cold or I would likely ‘catch’ a cold. As a little girl […]

Kids Concussion … ‘what happened?’

Kids Concussion of all things that can happen to your child, a serious fall can be one of the most unnerving for you as a parent. It can be very distressing to see your child hurt — or hear what’s happened after the event — and it’s easy to think you might have been able […]

Vital Moms Top 10 Traditions With Kids!

Traditions are, for many of us, the things that mark the seasons of our life. For some, the traditions are an anchor to their family line and something to be cherished and passed on. However, there’s is a fine line between traditions and indoctrinated systems. If you’ve followed me for some time, you know I […]

Health: what are you teaching your children ?

Would you like to be healthier in the next 12 months? I’m hedging my bets you said ‘yes!’ However, do you have a plan to get there? We’re all good at wanting to write goals, but do you achieve them? For the majority of people, goals become a distant dream as frustration sets in and […]

Breast milk… ‘FOOD’ tailored to your child

Most mothers understand that breastfeeding is a natural, healthy choice for their child. Some mothers have no difficulty getting into the rhythm of breastfeeding, while others encounter challenges and may consider formula as an option. However, I know some mothers have told me that if they better understood the incredible array of advantages of breastfeeding, […]

“Ear infections…glue ear….grommets…or wisdom?

When your little one is in pain with a recurring ear infection, your natural instinct is to find the quickest solution that seems to be effective.One option the medical profession offers is to have grommets inserted in your child’s ears. Grommets are little PVC rings, or tubes, inserted into the eardrum to allow the pressure […]

Big Pharma or Self-sufficient?

Life’s getting more convenient every year and statistics about increased life expectancy and ‘stamping out disease’ are proudly quoted. But is it really getting ‘better’ because of the pharmaceutical industry? Today, as parents, we have incredible choice in the way we support our children’s growth. Combine that with our built-in desire to shield our children […]